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Each box tells its own story...

Each box is a one of a kind, and takes one to two weeks to make, as they are painted, decorated and the tops are finished with resin, to give them a shiny look and feel.  The resining process can take weeks as it is carefully applied, cured, sanded, and re-applied, as many times as necessary to achieve the desired result.  You can see how this is achieved here:

The fifth wedding anniversary is 'wood', what an ideal gift for your sweetheart, something truly special and unique.  There is free postage within the UK, and will be shipped next working day by Royal Mail 1st Class post.


The card sets in the boxes are all original watercolours that I have painted specifically to match with the theme of the box.  You will receive the original artwork in the form of ten cards, as well as ten handpainted gift tags.  The boxes are available without the cards and tags if you would prefer, on the Just Boxes page.  

Each box comes with a signed certificate of authenticity

"Bright, beautiful, creative and unique".  These are the four words that instantly come to mind when I think of Deborah's work.  It's an amazingly affordable way to get bespoke designed and hand crafted cards, that just stand out! I have used her creative services over the past few years for New Years, Thank You, "Blank" Cards, even a Card Storage Box, and I have never been disappointed with the results.  From the initial consultation, to test designs/samples, to the final product, the whole process is a wonderful stress free experience.  The only problem you may have is actually settling on and choosing a final design from her creative ideas, which are so cool and inspiring.

All I can say is, for any type of bespoke stationery, you should absolutely talk to Deborah first.

Oscar Kugblenu

Audio Producer/Business Consultant 

19 Sound, London

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