Teal Bouquet Box

Teal Bouquet Box


Wooden stationery box  The lid is painted a deep turquiose blue, and flowers have been hand painted and  decoupaged, then resined, giving a beautiful glossy finish.


Box measures 25cm x 20cm x 10cm


The story of this box:

Started on New Year's Eve 2019 after a lovely trip to Lyme Regis, soaking up the colours of the sea, bright, colourful gift shop windows, and a feeling of extreme happiness and contentment that I was with my family, combing for dinosaur relics on the beach, and stopping for coffee and cake whenever we could.


There is a set of original watercolour sttionery that can be purchased alongside this box, that was designed especially to go with it, or you might hoose to add a set of our printed notecards, which are taken from my original watercolours.


This box can also be purchased without the cards, on the Just Boxes page.

  • Care Instructions

    Do not place hot objects on top of box, as resin is not heat resistant.